Digital photos can now be printed on the go thanks to the new technology of Prynt, a phone case that doubles as an instant photo printer.

As convenient and versatile as digital photos can be, there is something to be said about the tangibility of an actual precious hard copy printed photo. Everyone loves a picture you can hold, yet the streams of photos we take are lost on our handheld devices.

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I grew up in the era of the printed photo, negative film and the polaroid camera. When I was at art college digital photography was the pixelated underdog to negatives and emulsion photos and I swore my allegiance to film until digital could prove to me it’s worth and prove its worth it has!

It never occurred to me back then, just how integral digital photos were to become. Globally we upload  close to 2billion photos to the internet a day and in the digital age, these images feel very fleeting and transient.

I was delighted when I stumbled upon Prynt, the other day, an instant photo printer for mobile digital photos. A mobile phone case, providing sticky backed images of your digital print from your mobile.

Urban outfitters_prynt2How does Prynt work

It works by attaching your iPhone 6 or android phone to the case, stored inside the are 10 pieces of 2 x 3 inch paper, where you print the photos direct from your phone. There is no need to change the print cartridges as the ink is already on the paper, which is released when heated.  It even has an app that allows you to edit and add filters before printing.

The real nifty added bonus of this little device, and my favorite, is when scanning the printed image using the app, plays an augmented reality movie, produced at the time the photo was taken, giving you an additional memory for your content library. Now film photography couldn’t do that!

It’s the best of both worlds and a perfect way to add fun your photography arsenal, and one I know my little girls will love.


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