My mantra for the year is to be the best version of me.

Setting benchmarks in the form of goals are the beginnings of being the best version of ourselves.

It does not have to be a grand goal, the things we set out to achieve can be as simple as drinking a litre of water a day, or it could be to learn something new and make an income from it.

Whatever the goal, we are all capable of more and we are the ones that can make a difference to our own lives.

Being accountable

I know I am capable of more; mentally, physically and spiritually and I am setting my mantra to remind myself of my self-improvement and be the best version of me I can be.

As a busy mum, I want more energy and I will be looking at diet and exercise to help me achieve this. I will also look into ways to be more efficient and productive at both home and work, to make the day to day run smoother.

This is me holding myself accountable to my mantra. I will be updating my blog with the things I learn and the tricks and tools I discover along the way. I hope this will inspire others to do the same.


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